Color can define your target market, invoke an emotion, and turn blah into fantastic. But a color scheme takes great energy, time, and experience to be done well.

There are billions of colors available with many screens today. However, printing processes have a much smaller color library to choose from. Also, the human eye cannot discern the difference between some colors.

When done well, the colors that an organization chooses become as effective or more effective than the identity. They are stamped into the mind of the general public. For example, Coca-Cola spent many years of research to get the Coca-Cola red perfected across screens, printed materials, the sides of trucks, glass bottles, and aluminum cans. Now, when someone sees this particular red they think of Coca-Cola, and may even start craving some soda.

When developing a color palette, many different mediums need to be considered. This is different for every company, but often includes how the colors look on a website, painted on walls, in brochures, and on name tags or shirts.

At Star Verte, we love color, and love defining color palettes. We also have experience with the different PANTONE libraries, as well as how to navigate the different paint brands. We will help you turn “red” into “Median Carmine”, green into “Atlantis”, or “blue” into “Allports.”