Email, Phone, and Coffee Support

We take an interest in our clients and want them to succeed. This is why we respond to all phone and email requests within 24 hours (and often sooner) and enjoy sitting down with clients over lunch or coffee*. Some things are just better face-to-face.

Automatic Backups

Backing up your site has never been so easy. Automatic backups are run in the background, and you can easily restore backups within WordPress. And if you need help, we are on it right away because we understand the importance of having a website running 24/7. Powered by VaultPress.

Restore Backups Automatically

Using the VaultPress plugin or from the VaultPress dashboard, restore backups with a single click. No fuss. No mess.

Managed Updates

Never worry about updating WordPress Core, Themes, or Plugins ever again! We not only keep sites up to date, but we test each update to ensure it doesn’t harm a website or make unexpected changes. For more information on managed updates, click here.

Generous Data Transfer

While other companies falsely claim “Unlimited Data Transfer,” we transparently offer large amounts of data transfer starting at 500 GB. If a client starts to reach their limit, we will discuss expanding our infrastructure to meet their needs at little or no extra cost.

Secure and Reliable

We work with our clients to make their sites secure and reliable with an almost 100% uptime, security updates and scanning, extensive firewalls, and more. We want to ensure that all our clients’ sites are secure and running, but we also work to educate our clients on what they can do to help us with this task.

Site Repair and Recovery

As soon as we get a support request, we respond within 24 hours and try to respond within the hour or sooner. If a website is down or not working properly, we work to get it back up and running as soon as we can.

Premium Hardware

Our infrastructure includes industry-leading solid-state drives, 40Gbps throughput with multiple levels of redundancy, and the fastest processors in the market.

Built with Matchstix

Get access to the Matchstix WordPress Framework—including Flint and Steel—with the latest updates, additional content, access to tutorials, and excellent support. Learn more about Matchstix.

Spam Protection

Filter out your comment and track-back spam, so you can focus on more important things. Powered by Akismet.

No Lock-in

We offer monthly and annual plans that allow you to cancel if you are unsatisfied for any reason. We encourage our clients to manage their own DNS records, which means they hold the keys to their domain. That’s more than most website hosts.

*Coffee support only available for clients within a 25 mile radius.



For individuals with a blog or personal website


per month



per year

  •  5GB+ Storage
  • Daily Backup recommended
  • 30-day Archive recommended
  • Create website


For small and medium-sized businesses with a simple website and maybe a few online offerings


per month



per year

  •  10GB+ Storage
  • Daily Backup
  •  30-day Archive
  • Security Scans recommended
  • SSL Secure recommended
  • Create website


For businesses who need a fully-capable online store with over 100 product offerings


per month



per year

  •  20GB+ Storage
  • Realtime Backup
  • Full Archive
  • Security Scans
  • SSL Secure included
  • Create website


For medium and large businesses that have custom storage, deployment, or development needs

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